Prostitution in The Netherlands

Prostitution in The Netherlands

In 2000, The Netherlands lifted the historic ban on brothels which dated back to 1911. The 2007 Daadler study carried out for the Ministry of Justice indicates that, "There has been no significant improvement of the situation of persons in prostitution." Their emotional well-being was lower on all measured aspects, and the use of sedatives increased.

A 2008 study by the national police force concluded that 50% to 90% of women in licensed prostitution worked involuntarily. In 2011, a deputy mayor of Amsterdam called decriminalization a "national error" and that the government had been "reprehensibly naive". A joint report from the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of Justice shows that a great part of the legal sex industry perpetuates the exploitation and trafficking of human beings, and that organized crime has kept control over the legal sex industry.

In 2011, the RIEC Noord-Holland, a government body in charge of crime prevention, stated that only 17% of prostitution advertising came from licensed brothels. Decriminalization and legalization did not prevent an increase in hidden or illegal prostitution.

Source Document: 18 Myths on Prostitution by the European Women's Lobby

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