Vancouver Collective Against Sexual Exploitation

We are a diverse and experienced group of individuals and organizations that have worked for many years to end the sexual exploitation of women and children. We are lawyers, judges, social workers, professionals, teachers, front-line activists and advocates for an end to sexual exploitation in Canada. 

Our Primary Goals

  1. To Stop Sexual Exploitation
  2. To Deter Demand for Commercial Sex
  3. To Strengthen and Enforce the Protection of Community & Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA)
  4. To Increase Awareness and Education

Based on the data that 98% of individuals in prostitution are not there by choice, we believe that prostitution is a result of systemic inequality perpetuated by poverty, gender inequality, racial discrimination, violence, patriarchy, and a history of colonization.[1] While acknowledging that some individuals in prostitution may operate out of their own free will and with full autonomy, we recognize that these individuals are the privileged minority and that most people in prostitution do not have the luxury or ability to walk away. 

Due to the nature of prostitution, we recognize that sex buyers are the ones who drive the demand for a market that preys upon and abuses individuals caught in prostitution and that a legal framework for selling sexual services is a direct deterrent to women's equality. Therefore, we are adamantly against the full decriminalization and legalization of prostitution in Canada, including brothels and bawdy houses, pimping and procuring, the purchasing of sexual services, and any other format in which people are commercially sexually exploited. 

We aim to see people live free from the violence of prostitution by providing access to tangible and robust funding for exit strategies, holistic mental and physical healthcare, as well as safe and affordable housing for those who wish to exit and start new lives.


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